PE606/PE706 Ring Sensors

Gordon Ring SensorsInductive ring sensors for metal parts detection

Our Ring Sensors are designed to detect metals as they pass through the ring, or at an axial distance equivalent to the radius of the ring.

These devices are ideal for many non-contact sensing applications, such as:

  • Die-Ejection Monitoring
  • Automation, Parts Sorting and Counting
  • Process Control
  • Web or Strand Break Detection

Principles of Operation

Our ring sensors are inductive, eddy current type devices. An internal signal generator produces a sensing field around the ring, and any metal which enters the field will have eddy currents produced within it. The energy consumed by these eddy current losses is detected within the sensor, which switches its outputs at a preset level. For this reason, it is essential to install the unit as far away from any metal as possible, and to set the sensitivity after installation.

PE606 sensitivity is adjusted with a 15-turn potentiometer, located beside the LED. Turn the screw clockwise until an alarm occurs. Then, turn the screw counterclockwise until the sensor resets. This is the point of maximum sensitivity. Continue to turn the screw CCW for optimum sensitivity (this should be at least 1/4 turn, to ensure reliable operation).

PE706 is a dynamic sensor which requires any target to be moving at least 1ft./min. to be detected. The unit self-compensates for slowly changing conditions, to allow consistent, high-sensitivity operation. Sensitivity is adjusted with the 15-turn potentiometer, located beside the LED. Fully CW is maximum sensitivity.

Note: With both models, there is less sensitivity in the center of the ring. For maximum sensitivity, parts should be oriented so they occupy the maximum ring area. Then, adjust the unit for consistent detection of the smallest part to be detected.

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