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About Us

Gordon Engineering Corp. has a 25-year history of development and innovation in the areas of machine guarding capacitive presence sensing and brake monitoring. Throughout that time we have been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services available. We know difficult machine guarding!

Through the years, our products have undergone several generational redesigns—as technology changed, we incorporated the benefits of that change into our products. These innovations allow us to offer our customers numerous product enhancements, while we maintain very competitive prices.

In addition to producing a standard line of safety products, Gordon supplies hundreds of OEMs with designs specifically adapted to meet their needs. Our ability to do this is facilitated by the location of all engineering and manufacturing in the United States of America.

Gordon Engineering products are sold either Factory Direct or through Authorized Distributors. For information, call or e-mail our Sales Department. We make all of our standard products available for evaluation on a 30-Day Free Trial basis. In addition, all Gordon Engineering products are warranted. Please look up specific product warranties for details.

Safety Products​

A capacitive, presence sensing device designed for machine guarding and personnel safety applications.
A device that meets every requirement of OSHA regulation 1910.217b(14) for mechanical power presses*

Control Products

Our proven non-contact sensing method provides smooth, stress-free control of conductive materials, even fine wire and delicate stamped parts.
Our Ring Sensors are designed to detect metals as they pass through the ring, or at an axial distance equivalent to the radius of the ring.
A capacitive device designed to initiate control operations when a metal antenna is touched.