Gordon Engineering Corp. DM3000
Brake Monitor Specifications

Input Voltage 115 VAC (230 VAC available) ; single phase; 50/60 Hz; +/- 15%   Indicator and Controls Key Lock: the key is used to enable keypad entries and reset the unit
chain break LED: marks broken chain or motion detector fault
Power Consumption 6 VA warning LED: indicates stop time exceeded the warning level
Self-Check continuous, independent of machine cycle self-check LED: indicates failure of Brake Monitor
Stop Output Load Rating resistive: 2.5A, 115 VAC 3-digit LED display: displays stop or reserve times
resistive: 1.25A, 230 VAC stop time LED: means 3-digit LED is displaying stop times
inductive: 0.25A, 115 VAC reserve time LED: means 3-digit LED is displaying reserve times
inductive: 0.125A, 230 VAC alarm LED: stop time exceeded the alarm level
Stop Output Contact normally closed keypad: allows the authorized user to set the unit to display either stop or reserve time, to set the alarm levels (in .001 second increments) and to set the chain break delay time (in .001 second increments)
Warning Output Load Rating 8A, 115 / 230 VAC
Warning Output Contact normally open
Motion Detector 1.5" diameter X 5" L

38mm X 127mm

Enclosure NEMA 12, industrial plastic

10.2" L X 6.1" W X 4.0" D

259mm X 154mm X 102mm

Mounting vertical or horizontal - to any bulkhead, chassis or panel
Weight 7 lbs. (3.2 Kg)
Motion Detector Cable 10 feet (3m) standard, longer lengths available Environment unaffected by dirt, grease, vibration, etc.
temperature: 0 F - 130 F
Approvals C-UL, US Listed       Listings Tested to UL 508 & CSA C22.2 No 14-95

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