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Setup Overview

Safety Note


This overview is meant to demonstrate how easy it is to install and setup the DM3000 - it is not intended to act as a substitute for the detailed instructions contained in the DM3000 User's Manual.

Please read the manual carefully before attempting an actual installation.



Mount the unit to the press. Use the Shock mount kit provided with the unit and install it exactly as shown in Figure 1.


Image of 03A155 Shock Mount Kit

Figure 1


Connect terminals 1, 2 & 3 to Ground, L1 and Neutral, respectively, of a 120 VAC line. (Figure 2)

Connect terminals 4 & 5 across the press Brake/Clutch Valve. (Figure 2)

Connect terminals 6 & 7 (DM3000 Stop Output) in series with the press control E-Stop Circuit.(Figure 2)

Connect terminals 10, 11 & 12 to interface for Loss of Motion. This is only for some older Allen-Bradley press controls. (Figure 2)


Image of DM3000 Brake Monitor Terminals

Figure 2


Connect the Motion Detector directly to the press camshaft with a flex-coupling (not included) or in the cam/crankshaft drive chain loop with a sprocket (not included).

Apply power. Run the DM3000 in the Autolearn Mode - the unit will automatically calculate alarm settings for your press.

You are finished. The unit will now measure Stop Times and monitor the condition of the brake.

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