Gordon Engineering Corp. RC4000 Reel Control
analog output for AC and DC Motor and Hysteresis Clutch Controllers
RC4000 Reel Controls
Our proven non-contact sensing method provides smooth, stress-free control of conductive materials, even fine wire and delicate stamped parts.

Please Note: the system shown is comprised of the RC4000 control unit, a cable and an antenna assembly. To accommodate the widest variety of potential applications, in the simplest manner, these components are sold as separate line items.

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Principles of Operation

The RC4000 Reel Control system is comprised of: a control unit, a cable, and an antenna assembly.

The RC4000 outputs either a 0 - 5 or 0 - 10 VDC, analog control voltage, and is designed to interface with third-party motor or hysteresis clutch controllers.

The control unit determines the load and status of the antenna assembly and establishes a tuned, RF sensing field around the antenna elements (yellow, inner pieces). This field is shaped, through the use of grounded shield elements (black, outer pieces), and is essentially contained within the "V".

Once the system is properly installed and configured for your application, the operator simply presses the TUNE button. The tuning process takes only a few seconds. Then, the operator positions the payoff or take-up loop within the "V", either manually or with the use of the JOG button, so that one of the green Loop Height indicators is lit. Once these conditions are met, he/she presses the AUTO/STANDBY button and the system is functional.

After your operation is running, you may find that you want to adjust the loop height, relative to the antenna. This is as easy as pressing the ADJUST Up or Down buttons located next to the bargraph indicators. This is done dynamically, with the motor running. A pair of selectable relays for HIGH and LOW LIMIT are included in the control unit. These act in a similar manner to stand alone models of limit switches, with the exception that there is no contact with the material required by our limit relays. The result is non-contact protection against tight or slack loop conditions.

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