Gordon Engineering Corp. RC4000
Reel Control Specifications

Input Voltage 115 or 230 VAC; single phase;
50/60 Hz; +/- 15%
Modular Antennas click thru to antenna page
for size and selection
Power Consumption 12 VA Coupler epoxy encapsulated
impervious to water, dirt & oil
    Coupler Cable 8 feet (2.4m) standard
longer lengths available
Motors provides an isolated, analog output for AC and DC motor controllers
or hysteresis clutch controllers
Enclosure NEMA 12, plastic
10.2 " L x 6.1 " W x 4.0 " D
(259mm x 154mm x 102mm)
DC Output Range 0 to +10 VDC maximum
0 to +5 VDC minimum
Mounting vertical or horizontal - to any bulkhead, chassis or panel
Isolation 1000 volts RMS Weight 5.5 lbs. (2.5 Kg)
    Environment unaffected by dirt, grease, vibration, etc.
temperature: 0 F - 130 F
humidity: 0 - 95% R. H.
Keypad Controls Select (in setup mode): push to select reel or dereel mode, antenna position, and high and low limit relay activation Indicators Bargraph: displays loop height relative to antenna
Enter (in setup mode): push to lock in SELECT settings Limit Lights: lit when loop height exceeds control range
Tune (in setup mode): push to tune the system Run Light: on when motor function is active - in AUTO or JOG
Jog (in setup mode): push and release to nudge motor
push and hold to run motor
Tune Light: flashes when tuning is required
on while unit is tuning
flashes with fault light on to indicate antenna fault
AUTO/SETUP: push to toggle between Setup and Auto modes Fault Light: indicates a loss of antenna or internal fault
Adjust Up / Down (in setup mode): allow motor-on, realtime loop height adjustment Selection Indicators: for reel/dereel, antenna position, and high and low limit relay activation, the indicators flash to show they are available for selection. Use the SELECT key to step through the choices. Use the ENTER key to set each choice. Indicators stay lit to show how the unit is configured.

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