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RC4000 Series
Modular Antennas
Turnkey Application with Modular Antennas

We offer a range of pre-made antennas, that interface with the RC4000 Series Reel Controls, to control any stock from fine wire to wide sheets.

Use the chart below to determine the proper antenna size for your application.

Please note that these antennas come with an 04A035 coupler - for use with the RC4000 Series Reel Controls only.

Image of Modular V Antenna
Type Length of V Flat Width Sensed Material Size Part #
Add On 18" N/A 4" fine wire -3/8" wire or strip 04C022*
V 18" 0" 2" 3/8" - 1" wire or strip 04A074
V 18" 2" 2" 1"-3" strip 04A115
V 18" 4" 2" 3"-5" strip 04A120
V 18" 6" 2" 5"-7" strip 04A121
Flat Flat Antenna 18" 4" 7" and above   04A124  

* The 04C022 is an extension sensing plate used in conjunction with the 04A074 antenna.

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